Cady and the Bear Necklace
Cady and the Bear Necklace
Cady, a 13-year-old girl of Native American heritage, is attending a reservation school for the first time in her life. One day Cady finds an eagle feather on the hallway floor and reports it to the principal. He cautions her that a mystery might soon appear in her life. Not long after Cady discovers an antique Indian beaded necklace hidden in her closet. Why has she found it? The elders tell her it is her task to find out why. Her new friends: Irish, John Ray, and a talking blue jay help to guide her as she balances between two worlds. ​

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P Release

Sam English The Life, Work, and Times of an  Artist
Sam English The Life, Work, and Times of an Artist

The book features more than 85 reproductions of this premiere artist’s poster prints. The book focuses on Sam’s art and artwork, spanning his 30-year career, as well as his work in the recovery movement.

The Hannahville Poets

The Hannahville Poets
The writings are a compilation of the creative work of Hannahville Indian School/Nah Tah Wahsh students over a 10-year period. Topics ranging from the difficulties of growing up in two worlds--the importance of Telders and traditional teachings--to sports.

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